Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once an Orphan

As of today, Lori has officially been part of our family for 2 weeks.  She was once an orphan - but now she is our daughter.  2 weeks ago - we sat in a Civil Affairs office in China and signed several papers with our names and our fingerprint in red ink.  How fitting that they had us sign in red.  It reminds me that Christ brought me into His family with red, also - but it wasn't ink - it was His precious blood.  Several things about this adoption have been such humble reminders that we were once orphans - but have now been adopted into the family of God.

Since being home, we have kept up with other families through their blogs.  Some have had immediate bonding with their new kiddos - others have had a bumpy road.  I've been reading stories of how some children reject their new parents, buck against any discipline, or assert themselves through power struggles - not realizing their life ahead is a miraculous new beginning after life as an orphan.  Again, another picture of our lives with Christ.  It reminds me of how sometimes we see Him as the best thing since sliced bread - especially when things are going our way.  But when God steps in with discipline or asks us to change - even if the life He has ahead of us is so much better than our current situation - don't we buck and struggle?  I know I do by pouting, worrying, doubting, crying, asserting my will, etc, etc, etc.  Like these precious kiddos I've seen the last few weeks - we just can't relax and rest in His sovereignty - we fall back into our old ways and hold on with all our might to our comforts - even if they aren't the best for us.  It reminds me of the man in Scripture who cries out for God to heal him from his unbelief.  Lord, heal us from our doubting spirit!

The other thing that these last 2 weeks has taught me is that transition is hard.  In these times when we've just tried to be obedient and follow through with what God has asked us to do - we've had to endure exhausting travel, sleepless nights, brutal jet lag, and raw emotions.  Yet, even this morning as I put Lori in the car to pick up the boys from school, as she was crying because she still isn't crazy about me, as I was struggling with my parenting skills, I turned on the radio and God was playing Kutless' version of Strong Tower.  How fitting - thanks, God, for that reminder!  He is our strong tower, our shelter duirng all this.  He is the everlasting King.  He is beautiful and mighty.  We don't need to worry about our own abilities - it isn't about us.  He's got this all mapped out and we just need to follow along.  Which brings me to my next point......

It isn't about us.  So many people have given us accolades of praise and told us how great we are.  We are thankful for their kind words - but truthfully, we could never have done this on our own accord.  God steered this ship the entire way.  He planted the seeds in our heart, led us to Harmony House, introduced us to Lori, provided the money, and took us safely to China and back again.  It isn't about us, never has been, and never will be.  It's all about HIM.  It is His plan, according to His purpose, to bring Him glory.  We have been able to share our faith in God so many times through this process - which constantly reminds us that it is for His glory alone.  Praise Him.


  1. Wonderful post. We experienced some similar sounding times while we were with our kids during court in Ethiopia. Thank you for your words and for sharing. You are very right, thanks for the reminder.