Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So...where are we headed?

As I face the morning today, I just continue to shake my head in disbelief. When I think about the fact that a little over half our country is proud to support a movement that praises homosexuality, that welcomes the killing of the unborn and calls it ‘choice’, that rallies around muslim nations while it lifts it’s hand of support from Israel, that encourages a socialistic agenda encouraging the nation’s poor to sit back and collect handouts while eliminating any and all incentive to succeed on their own, and that continues to spend money we don’t have creating a mountain of debt for our children and grandchildren to face one day….it troubles me…it saddens me…and honestly, it scares me.

I believe that God’s people reside in the United States of America, but it is becoming obvious that we are no longer the majority. And if this course continues, and wickedness and laziness are commonplace, but labeled things like tolerance, choice, and welfare…eventually, if history repeats itself, God will allow judgment to befall the USA, and we will see our great and glorious nation fall like the empires that preceded us in history.

I was blessed recently to watch the documentary “Monumental”, which is phenomenal (You need to buy a copy and pass it around). It takes a hard look at how this country was founded. All too often, progress is made in the best way, by looking back and ‘reforming’ what has happened by looking back and going back to the basics. In looking back to the true story of the pilgrims, we find an incredible group of courageous people that sought to glorify God, and wanted to establish a nation that would be a blessing to the world and to their children’s children. They had multi-generational thinking. Their actions were not to achieve self-centered results for them during the here-and-now. They knew that they were planting seeds that they may not see the results from in their lifetime, but they knew it was the right thing to do. And they knew if they were focused on being obedient to God and seeking to glorify him, that their efforts would be blessed in due time, and that others would join them in their efforts.  But their thinking, their perspective was multi-generational. They looked beyond what the effect would be in the present.

I feel that one of the main problems we have today is that people (a) no longer seek to glorify God with every aspect of their lives, and (b) primarily think in the here-and-now. That is why I believe the election resulted in the way it did. People no longer have God in their thinking…and their focus is on how will this candidate help me now…how will he or she make my life better, easier, more the way I think it should be or that I deserve in the immediate present. Thinking of what is best in the overall and how it will affect the next generations is no longer a trait for the majority…and this can be true for people of either party.

What we need is a generation of people that like the founders of this country go back to the principles of God’s word, and that make decisions that bring God glory and that sustain us for generations to come. And that we once again have the courage and the character to think from a multi-generational perspective. The blessings of 2 Chronicles 7:14 are only promised “IF” the nation seeks God first. That is what made this nation great…and it is the only thing that will make it great again.