Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Ears What We Found Out

Yesterday was our much anticipated trip to CID in St Louis.  The Institute is on the same campus as Children's Hospital and Barnes Jewish.   We were warmly welcomed and the staff was great.  They took us into the Examination room and performed several hearing tests - they blew air into her ear, listen to sounds in a soundproof booth, wear ear phones and listen to varying pitches and volumes, listen to music, localize sounds, feel vibrations, etc.  She was pretty cooperative (esp. for a 2 year old!) and they appeared happy with the reliability of the results.

Upon completion of the battery of tests - they confirmed what we expected.  Lori has a profound hearing loss and there isn't going to be a "quick fix".  They did notice some ear issues - like a really small ear canal on one side and excessive wax build-up - but they had no reason to think that this would be the cause of the hearing loss.

They recommended trying powerful hearing aids for a few months to see if she could pick up some sounds and maybe develop a bit of language.  If the results from the use of HA is not sufficient - they thought the next step would be Cochlear Implants.  To be honest - in my heart of hearts - I feel that the HA won't give her the results she need and that she will be a CI kid.  The neat thing about going to CID is that they have a school on-site and yesterday we saw many kiddos with CI who were talking, listening, following directions, etc. and seemed to be responding nicely to the technology.  As her new momma - this is what I hope for Lori. 

They took ear molds while we were there and the kids got to pick the color (yes, pediatric hearing aids come in all sorts of colors - you can even get glitter!).  Annie and Chloe decided on Hot Pink.  So, the next time some of you see Lori - check out the Hot Pink hearing aids.  If that's not enough to draw attention to her disability - I don't know what is!  They might as well add flashing lights!!!  Poor kid......

The next step -
We have been in contact with her Pediatrician and local ENT to clear up the wax issues.  Next, we are being referred to the CI Team at Children's Hospital to get a consult on Cochlear Implants.  On April 13 - we go back to CID for them to fit and program the hearing aids.  We will probably go back 1x/month for quite a while.  They offered to enroll her in their PreK program starting this Fall - but it would require me to drive up 2-3 times a week - and I honestly just don't see that happening.  So, we will work diligently with the Hearing Impaired Team from First Steps for Southeast MO and learn all we can about raising a HI girlie.  Should be lots of fun around the Lancaster House for the next few months!

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  1. Couldn't think of a better family for her!!