Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Credit for China Updates

I'm still up on Monday night, wide awake.  I try to sleep and I just can't.  It's 12:36, and I have to get up at 6am.  But in the mean time, I thought of something I need to write about.

Our first night in China, I sat down at the desk in the hotel room and started to work on our first blog post...to which I quickly found out, I couldn't access the blog.  I tried facebook...no luck.  I found some sites that worked, but anything of a personal nature like blogs, or facebook, I could not access.  Apprarently I could have if I had a VPN, but I wasn't educated on VPNs until after we got there and discovered the problem, and China restricted access to sites of this type. 

Well, crud!  We had told so many people to follow our blog while we were gone for updates.  Now what?

Well...before we left, a dear friend and brother in Christ, who I will simply leave named as Barry, told me that he wanted to serve our family in some way while we were gone.  He expressed at least twice the week before we left.  Barry is awesome, and no matter how hard I thought about it, we couldn't come up with any way that he could serve our family while we were gone. 

After one night in China, and finding out that we were not going to be able to update anyone while we were gone, God placed an idea in our heads.  I told Barry that I had a way for him to serve our family.  Barry is a computer/blog/internet guru, and I explained our dilemma, and asked if he could post our updates while we were gone...to which he agreed without hesitation.

While we were gone, every update to this blog, and every update on Facebook was put there by him....not us.  I emailed the text and the pics, but he did the posting.  What a huge way to serve our family while we were gone. 

Barry, we love you, and we appreciate what you did for our family!  Everyone does!  And I know you don't want credit, but I just felt compelled...so forgive me!

It's awesome how God put a desire in Barry to serve us...it was clear to him that he was to do something...but we just didn't know what or when...but it quickly became obvious how he was needed.  It was just another small taste of God's sovereignty... how he had the problem solved before we ever knew it was a problem.  How awesome! 

And no glory to Barry, he was just being obedient...All Praise and Glory to our Awesome Heavenly Father!  How Great is our God!

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