Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Leg and 2 Fingers

Have you ever been put in your place?  Well, we had one of those moments tonight.  We went to St Louis Children's Hospital for a Parent Consultation visit with part of the Cochlear Implant team.  The purpose of the meeting was to pick out all the components of Lori's implant. 
As we were walking out of the hospital, we noticed a lady in a wheelchair and (we assume) her dad walking toward their car.  We felt sorry for the poor women and probably should have offered to help.  She only had 1 leg and 2 fingers - missing her entire left leg, her left forearm, and part of her right forearm and hand - with only 2 fingers attached to her elbow area - she was pushing herself backwards in a wheelchair with her only "normal" limb.  Our first thought is that she was a patient - but she was obviously  past the age of 21 and more like our same age.  As we neared the elevator - they did, too.  We quickly found ourselves boarding the tiny box toghether - making a great opportunity for quick chit-chat.  Long story short - after quite an extensive conversation in the parking garage - We found out that she is married with 10 children.  She has 2 birth children and 8 adopted kiddos.  One from Haiti is a patient at Children's having hip reconstruction surgery after laying for an extended time in a crib.  She also has a child who is both deaf and blind and another with Down Syndrome.  She recently adopted 4 at one time from Haiti.  She praised the technology of Cochlear Implants - saying it made a huge impact on her daughter's life.  She mentioned that God is good and we asked if she was a believer.  She gave a hearty "Yes" and said she'd have to either be a drinker or a Beliver to have 10 kids!
We left and walked to our car completely humbled.  We both said "Just when you think you've actually done something good - you meet someone like her!"  We were definately knocked down a few notches and asked ourselves - what's stopping us from opening our home for another child or 2 or 3.  I know it's crazy - but the whole message of the Gospel can sound a little (and a lot!) crazy at times.  Only God knows what our future holds - but if she can see past her circumstances and find a place in her home and her heart to be a mother to 10 kids - then why can't we?  Why can't you?  Really - it's a question worth asking. 

BTW - Lori's surgery is set for Aug 19 pending insurance approval.  Jax broke his arm 2 weeks ago and hopefully will not have to have surgery.  Jay's dear Mimi went home to her Savior on July 4 - a fitting day to find freedom from this life.  It's been a busy few weeks - sorry we haven't blogged lately. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Songs to Jam

We're waiting - and have been all weekend.  For that phone call to let us know that our dear, sweet Mimi has breathed her last breathe on this side of Heaven.  She has been such a blessing to us - her fiesty personality and her love for our children - including the one who looks like she spit her right out! are traits only someone like her could posess.  Jay has always said she's his favorite and I think she may feel the same about him.  They share a special bond and she will be missed.  But we know that she has brighter days in her future and have no doubt that soon she'll be walking with Our Lord. 

For some reason - these last few days have brought up several memories stored in the back of my mind from years gone by.  I'm usually not sentimental - almost to a fault.  I've even teared up a bit today - not over Mimi - these last 2 years have been horrible for her - so I'm glad she's made it to the end of her journey and rejoice with her that she has faithfully run her race.  But over other things - small moments in time - days long gone that can never be re-created.

I found a picture of my firstborn - taken around her 1st birthday with a big red bow in her curly locks - now in a few short weeks, she'll be entering High School.

I sat and talked with a precious, precicous friend as she battles Stage 4 Cancer talking about what could have been and what is.

I listened to an old CD entitled Songs to Jam - only a few out there will recognize that titled written in Black Sharpie around 10 years ago about this time of year.  A group of crazy guys who thought they could throw together a band to play for a bunch of camp kids.  Soulfire - sure do miss those days - more than I ever thought I would.  That was such a turning point in our spiritual life.....Grubby - You Rock!! and you made a permanent dent in ole' Jay Lancaster.  A deep heartfelt thank you.

I've thought about some upcoming events in the life of one near and dear - ones that might sting a bit - and I'm sorry for what isn't and for what might be. 

Maybe too much thinking - sometimes that's what happens on lazy holidays when work is forgotten and families get remembered.

"For everything there is a season......"