Tuesday, March 1, 2011

China Update #11

(From Jay)

Before coming, people warned us about the weird food choices we would encounter in China.

Tonight, our Holt group consisting of four families went out for our 'group dinner' at a local Thai restaurant located on the island. While looking over the menu, I had to take a moment to snap some photos of the choices we were reading in the menu. Enjoy the pics...and know that we did eat, and are getting pretty good with chopsticks, but we're not telling you what we picked!

By the way, the exchange rate for Yuan is about $1 USD is worth the same as 6.5 Yuan or RMB... therefore, the dinner choices from the menu pics were about $6 to $7 in USD.

1 comment:

  1. So, you didn't eat no pigs feet, steamed fish heads, or pigeon!?! Come'on JAY!!! Venture out and live a little bro!!! hahahahahahahahaha