Tuesday, March 1, 2011

China Update #12 - A Prayer Request

(From Jay)

Its 6:15 am Wednesday morning here in Guangzhou, and 4:15 Tuesday afternoon back home.

This morning, at 8:30 am here, 6:30 pm back home, we have our appointment with the US Consulate in Guangzhou...it's the last major hurdle while we are here.

It wouldn't be a big deal except for one thing. As of this week, they changed the process after 14 years of it staying the same. The families here this week had no warning, and are the first to go through the new process.

In the past, the Holt staff would go in with the family and take care of everything. As of this week, the Holt staff can no longer go in with the family. They will drop us off and walk in to the lobby with us, and then we are on our own. We anticipate no problems, but going without our escorts, and the new system does have me a touch nervous...but I'm confident everything will be fine. The major result of the change is that families get their child's visa a day earlier than in the past. Something that could allow us to come home a day early...except for the $350 ticket change fee per person...so we will ride it out as planned. So are the other families. So please pray that all goes well at the consulate this morning. That we arrive on time, that all our paperwork be in order, and that everything proceeds smoothly, and that God may be glorified.


  1. It's been so great to follow your journey through your blog. Thanks for sharing so often...I've felt like I'm there again every day when I sign on to see what the new day has brought to your family. We'll continue praying for you as you go through these last few steps to bring Lori home. We'll also continue to lift you up as Lori adjusts to her new family. We're so happy for you and so grateful God brought Lori into such a loving family.
    Jacqui Moore

  2. Prayers 4 a speedy adjustment & smooth, safe return trip!

    Louis, Laryssa & kids

  3. Jay and Camille,
    We have enjoyed reading your blog so much. We have laughed, cried, smiled, etc. What an experience in so many way. The picture of Lori kissing Jay was priceless! We are praying for you all.
    The Baker's