Thursday, March 3, 2011

China Update #14 - A Bittersweet Day

Well, it's our last nite in China and we are packing up. We are anxious to come home and kiss our babies and sleep in our bed - but our time here has been full of emotions that are hard to let go of. It was on Chinese soil that we first met our daughter - and that we will never forget. We have also spent the last week with many amazing families and we know that (sadly) we will probably never see them again. So, like most of the chocolate here - today has been bittersweet. Lots of good byes to new friends who are now more like family - and lots of hellos to the new life ahead for these precious orphans we have held in our arms this week.

Another group of people we met this week are the Chinese Believers who live and work here on the island. They are full of joy and hope and have found new life in Christ. Once they found out that we shared a Father - they were so eager to talk to us and ask us to pray for them. They struggle with families who follow local religions and who don't support their way of life. They need and want our prayers and have asked that we keep up with them through email. A few of them took our picture to keep as a reminder of our visits this week. I wanted to extend their prayer requests to our blog/email readers. Please pray for the Christians in China. They need courage to face their families, strength to spread the gospel, and hope for the future of their country.

I hope this week is just the beginning of many friendships. This has been an unforgettable adventure......and we look forward to coming back some day.

BTW - Lori got her Visa today. This is the final piece of the puzzle. We have been waiting for this because now she has permission to leave the country and enter US soil. See ya soon!


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  1. I am loving reading this miraculous journey you have taken. So amazing! Thoughts and prayers to you in China as you try to head back home. Much love - Alicia