Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Going for Gold

In light of the upcoming Winter Olympics - it seems appropriate to mention my recent Gold medal accomplishment.  As many of you know, we began using Plexus products last winter.  We have really been praying that God would bless our Plexus business as He sees fit and bring people to our group.  December and January proved to be awesome months with many new customers trying the products and several new team members building a business.   All of those things combined helped us reach the level of Gold.  This means a small increase in our monthly Plexus income - just in time for our Debt Reduction Adventure.  I love how God always provides.  Go Gold!  And a Huge Thank You to everyone on our Plexus team. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A New Way of Doing Things in 2014

Here I sit in January.  In a place we didn't want to be.  A place we said we wouldn't go.  Again.  A difficult place. Uneasy, uncertain.  Helpless.  Not really.  We are in a place called Debt.  And we are leaving soon.  We may reside here for a while, a year, two - that's where the uncertainty comes into play.  But, we are grateful that we have options.  We are blessed with jobs that equal income.  With kids who understand.  With HOPE. 

We sat down last night and came up with an attack plan.  We believe that we can do this.  I want to share our journey with you - to encourage and sympathize.  I know we don't live here alone.  I talked to someone today who has $7 in their bank account.  I feel ya.  Something needs to change.  Here, I will share our story of hope, of grace, of change, of freedom from debt.  The story may be long or short - I cannot predict.  It may have moments of courage and moments of defeat.  It will be a journey with an end in sight. 

We want to live free.  To give.  To go.  To get behind others who need help.  Today we started packing our bags - the journey begins.