Sunday, September 25, 2011

Azi Needs a Home

This post is a little profound - but I thought posting it on the blog was a great way to spread the news. 

Some friends of ours are working in East Asia and have co-workers a little further west in Central Asia.  This family has met some great locals who live "life" with them.  One local family has a little girl who was born with bowel issues and is in desperate need of surgery to correct the problem.  She has been sent to the US once for surgery - but after going home - her parents have realized how poor their medical care is.  She has been met with inconsistent care and several infections back in her home country.  Because of the dire straits this family is in, they have asked their American friends to help find a Forever Family for their 4 year old daughter - so she can move to the US and receive the care she needs.  As Americans - we can't even fathom giving up our children like this - but this is a selfless act of love these parents are facing.  I have contact info for the Americans involved in this family's life - if anyone has an interest in stepping in to be the family for little Azi - please contact us and we will help you get more information. 

At the very least - we are asking our readers to please PRAY that Azi remains healthy and that her parents will have perfect peace with this situation.

We Hope She Can Hear

 Lori had her first Cochlear Implant surgery on Sept 15.  Her surgeon is Dr. Hullar at St Louis Children's Hospital.  The 4 hour surgery went extremely well and she did great.  We spent 1 night at the hospital and then came home by supper time the next day.  She will heal for 2 weeks then on Sept 29 - She will have her first day of sound.  The audiologists have told us that about half of the kids have postive reactions to their first sound and other half respond by crying or getting upset.  So - we don't know what to expect and trying to be realists about the whole process.  We hope to video her first reaction and share it on the blog.  For now - here are a few pics of Lori during her stay at Children's - forgive us for her disheveled look - you can only do so much with a huge bandage around your head and a hospital gown!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Job Saga

For our faithful readers who have been following the MoDot saga,  for months now - we have known that Jay's job is changing and even possibly ending.  MoDot is making major changes and cutbacks are lurking around every corner.  It's simply math - when you only have $X in your budget - you can't spend $XXX on payroll.  It just doesn't work that way.  So, some jobs had to be cut.  Well, Praise and Glory to our God - He provided yesterday and Jay found out that he has a new job - it's stable and secure - and still with MoDot.  So we get to keep our same insurance - which is a biggy for us.  Yeah!

A few things I learned this summer.....

1. That it's easy to bite off more than you can chew.  That I need to learn to say "no" sometimes.  That it's ok not to do everything you're asked to do.

2. That all that glitters isn't gold.  A sweet friend of mine has one of those lives that people envy - myself included.  A great house, great kids, great husband, great furniture, great vacations, etc - you know what I'm talking about.   She got "real" this summer and admitted a few things that let me see behind the green curtian - like when Dorothy, the Lion, and the Tin Man saw that the Wizard wasn't who they thought he was - and I learned that not everything is as it appears......One more reason to be thankful for what I've been given and a nice reminder to quit comparing myself to others. 

3. That time flies.  Really?  Where did the summer go?  I didn't get to do all the fun "summery" things that were on my list.  Time really flew this summer.  I'm a tad bit sad about that.

4.  I learned a little bit more about what a "Heart friend" is.  Another sweet friend used this term once while she was going through some trials and I didn't quite understand what she meant.  I learned a little about "Heart friends" this summer.  I want to be one.

5.  I learned that I really do like homeschooling - even for High Schoolers! 

6.  I learned that I don't have to beat myself up over homeschooling - that the last several years have paid off - and that we don't have to reinvent the wheel.  I learned that I can back off a little and enjoy this journey and my kids are going to be ok.  Really - they are.

7.  I learned that not all advice is good advice - even when it comes from well-meaning sources.

8.  I learned that "there's no place like home".

9.  I learned that God apparently wants us to stay in Sikeston -at least for now.

10.  I learned that I really love our small group.  I love having 20 plus people in my house on Sunday nights.  And I love the 20 Somethings that let us pour our hearts into their lives.  Thank You 

11.  I learned that I need to be thankful.

12.  I learned that Grandmothers really do pass away - We lost our Mimi on July 4 our our Nona on Sept 3.  They will be missed.

13.  I learned that sometimes you can follow something -  but that it doesn't always lead you where you thought it would.  Sometimes you walk in a straight line - and sometimes you come around full circle.  Right back where you were to begin with - although a little thicker skinned and street wise because of the journey.

14.  I learned that I love some things about Jay - really, madly, truly love them.

15.  I learned that each and every day we love this sweet little Chinese girl more and more - and she seems to feel the same about us.

Up Up and Around We Go

Our sweet Papa George surprised us with a zooming tour of Sikeston on Jay's 40th birthday.  I learned it can be "fun" to fly the friendly skies.