Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I had the privilege of meeting this Blogger mom at the TTD conference last week.  She is the adorable mom to 15 kiddos - 12 of them adopted!   (You may have seen her on Oprah a few years ago!)  She is so normal and regular - I love that.  As I walk this journey and meet families who have done extraordinary things - it is so reassuring and inspiring to realize how normal they are.  They aren't extraordinary - they have just allowed a Really Awesome God to do extraordinary things through them and with them.  I loved Sonya's post today.  Made me cry.  Jay teared up to.  I'm amazed at how God is even in control of the mail - the small blessing of $20 would come on the same day they read about the 20 pounds from George Mueller.  Good stuff.  Enjoy!

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