Monday, May 20, 2013

100 Families

I originally posted this on another Blog about 3 years ago.  I was recently reminded again of the urgency I feel to help advocate and rescue orphans.  The need is desperate.  The time is now and forever - until there are no more.....I have a vision that if 100 Families joined together.....

Here is the difference 100 Families could make:
  • If 100 families had a fundraiser in their community, and each family brought in $100 and donated that to an adoption fund or adopting family - that would be a total of $10,000
  • If 100 families just decided to give $100 a year to adoption causes - that would be $10,000
  • If 100 families donated $10/month to an adoption fund - that would add up to $12,000
  • If 100 families collected just $.50/day in spare change and donated the money - that would total $18,250
  • If 100 families hosted fundraisers to raise adoption awareness in their churches and communities and each event raised $1000 - the amount raised would be $100,000 (Wow!)
  • If 100 families told 100 people about the blessing of adoption - 10,000 people would be educated on adoption and the needs of these children
  • If those 10,000 people went forth and told 100 people each - then 1 MILLION people's eyes would be open to the needs of the over 147 Million orphans in our world today.

One Hundred families can make a huge impact in the lives of desperate children around the world!

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