Monday, May 20, 2013

Are you scared?

As we approach the time for Madison to leave for Peru, concerned parents commonly ask us if we are scared?  My honest answer is no.  It really doesn't cross my mind to be scared.  Sure, there are concerns - "Will she make her connecting flight?", "Will she get all her luggage?", "Will she feel ok?", "Will she make friends?", "Will she be homesick?", etc.   ....but....I'm not scared.

We began praying years ago for her to have an obedient heart, for her to bring glory to God, and for her to seek Him and follow Him.  We believe the Lord gave her this calling for missions when she was about 14 years old.  When she was 12, we were in the process of talking to a sending organization about our whole family going to West Africa for an extended period of time and she was HIGHLY oppossed.  Yet, over the next 2 years, God did an incredible work in her heart.  He opened the doors of China to her and we suspect that one day she will return there to reach the people that stole her heart.  She also began telling us how badly she wanted to go on a mission trip.  We said that at age 16 - she could go. 

Almost the very day that she turned 16, she was determined to find a way to Peru. She knew about a group called Never the Same that was going to South America - and there was no way she was going to miss this trip!  She set out to save money, raise money, work for money, ask for money, beg for money - to pay for the $3000 trip - and the Lord poured it out.  She has been blessed abundantly with money to spare to buy Spanish Bibles ( to take with her.  She has seen people give sacrificially and this has left a lasting impression on her.  I'm so thankful she has seen the ourpouring of the Lord's abundance at such a young, tender age.  I hope she never forgets that it all belongs to Him and that He will see His plans through.  I remember reading George Mueller 's story with her many years ago and being amazed at the Lord's provision.   I'm so glad that she has now lived that to a tiny degree herself.  Just this weekend at the Teach Them Diligently conference in Nashville, I was talking to Jeannie Fulbright (Apologia) about her kids and my kids and I shared about Madison's trip.  Afterwards, a lady sitting near us engaged me in conversation as I walked by.  She asked if I was scared to send her.  No, I said.  We talked a little more and she shared some things about her life.  Then, she pulled out her checkbook and wrote Madison a check for $100.  She said she had been blessed financially and wanted to help buy more Spanish Bibles.  I graciously thanked her and accepted the donation.  I was so excited to tell Madison and the other kids about this moment.

This "God" moment.

I want them to see how He provides, to be gracious recievers, and cheerful givers. 

I want their eyes opened to the needs of this world.

There are many......Lord, help us to be useful.  Help us be your hands and feet.  Help us cloth the naked, feed the hungry, and hold tight to the helpless.  Lord, don't let our lives be wasted.

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