Sunday, September 25, 2011

We Hope She Can Hear

 Lori had her first Cochlear Implant surgery on Sept 15.  Her surgeon is Dr. Hullar at St Louis Children's Hospital.  The 4 hour surgery went extremely well and she did great.  We spent 1 night at the hospital and then came home by supper time the next day.  She will heal for 2 weeks then on Sept 29 - She will have her first day of sound.  The audiologists have told us that about half of the kids have postive reactions to their first sound and other half respond by crying or getting upset.  So - we don't know what to expect and trying to be realists about the whole process.  We hope to video her first reaction and share it on the blog.  For now - here are a few pics of Lori during her stay at Children's - forgive us for her disheveled look - you can only do so much with a huge bandage around your head and a hospital gown!

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