Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Job Saga

For our faithful readers who have been following the MoDot saga,  for months now - we have known that Jay's job is changing and even possibly ending.  MoDot is making major changes and cutbacks are lurking around every corner.  It's simply math - when you only have $X in your budget - you can't spend $XXX on payroll.  It just doesn't work that way.  So, some jobs had to be cut.  Well, Praise and Glory to our God - He provided yesterday and Jay found out that he has a new job - it's stable and secure - and still with MoDot.  So we get to keep our same insurance - which is a biggy for us.  Yeah!

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  1. Hi there! it's great to hear about all that is happening. This is a true testament to the truth that whatever comes our way God always knows what He is doing and is in control. We are continuing to pray for you all and we wish you all of God's richest blessings. Lots of love