Sunday, September 25, 2011

Azi Needs a Home

This post is a little profound - but I thought posting it on the blog was a great way to spread the news. 

Some friends of ours are working in East Asia and have co-workers a little further west in Central Asia.  This family has met some great locals who live "life" with them.  One local family has a little girl who was born with bowel issues and is in desperate need of surgery to correct the problem.  She has been sent to the US once for surgery - but after going home - her parents have realized how poor their medical care is.  She has been met with inconsistent care and several infections back in her home country.  Because of the dire straits this family is in, they have asked their American friends to help find a Forever Family for their 4 year old daughter - so she can move to the US and receive the care she needs.  As Americans - we can't even fathom giving up our children like this - but this is a selfless act of love these parents are facing.  I have contact info for the Americans involved in this family's life - if anyone has an interest in stepping in to be the family for little Azi - please contact us and we will help you get more information. 

At the very least - we are asking our readers to please PRAY that Azi remains healthy and that her parents will have perfect peace with this situation.

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