Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Remember Whose in Control Here!

Our readers will be baffled by 2 posts in one day - but, oh well......As I was sitting in my "Reading Chair" this morning going over some ideas pertaining to this $3000 we need to pay our dossier fee and this $600 we need to send to immigration - I have to admit I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  Then, I remembered that so many 40,000 things have been perfectly orchestrated over the last 7 years to bring us where we are with our adoption today - that why would something as trivial as $3600 mess things up now??  Just a few weeks ago - we weren't even sure if we would get matched with Lori.  It was as if she were sitting in the middle of a busy highway and we couldn't get past the rushing cars to save her.  She was literally hanging out in cyberspace and multiple adoption agencys had access to her records.  Any number of prospective parents could have snatched her up and called her their own while we sludged through the mire of paperwork waiting to be approved for a match.  Yet, God in His unceasing amazement - seemed to hold her safely in His arms for us.  As far as we know - no one even looked at her file while she was "out there" online for almost 3 weeks while we were getting our papers together.  The God of Wonders is truly alive and in our midst.  Thank you - Heavenly Father - for your infinate provision.  Help us wait patiently for the funds for this adoption, for the State Certifications, the Consulate Authentications, the Dossier Approval, the Immigration Paperwork, and the all-important Travel Date telling us when we can come to China to pick up our baby and bring her home.  

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  1. God will bring you through what He's called you to. I know you know this! He'll provide it a dime at a time. Trusting with you...