Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessings never Cease

I have to tell you - somedays I get a little nervous about how we are going to pay for this adoption.  Just being honest......We shared with our small group Saturday night about our thoughts regarding fundraising, etc. and asked for prayer for direction and clarity.  We have lots of ideas for fundraisers and would love to dig in with both hands and have lots of fun selling things, having bake sales, etc - this is right up my alley!  But, we keep sensing that God has specific plans and that we need to be still and wait - so we wait......yet the invoices for various fees don't.  Right now, we need to send our immigration papers off - but a check for $600 or so needs to be attached - so............Well, today 2 really cool things happened.  I rec'd a text from a dear friend that she had an idea God had laid on her heart and she wanted to talk to me.  She came by and low and behold - the idea was about a fundraiser she wanted to do for us!!  This is not something we had even talked about - yet God in His amazing way - laid it upon her heart to help provide the funds.  She had already made some phone calls and sent some emails - and she is planning a Breakfast Day at Applebee's - so if you live near Sikeston - be on the lookout for this fun event and be sure to come!! 

Then, I received an email from the wonderful Linda Huckaba.  She works with our orhpanage - Harmony House - in the US office and just returned from a visit to China.  She sent me 3 awesome pictures of sweel Lori (in one - she even has pigtails - it's so adorable!!) and a quick litle message.  Even though her message was only about 2 sentences - her words were worth millions (well, at least thousands).  She said she had information that some people have possibly made funds available to cover Lori's adoption.  What??? Are you kidding me???  That's huge, God.    I don't know the details yet - but, I'll keep you posted.  Whether the donation will cover a little or a lot - we are so grateful and amazed at the way God speaks to people's hearts to give. 

Thank you - God for you amazing provision.  Why do we ever doubt You?!


  1. WHAAA!!!!??? COVER the adoption?!?! AWESOME!!!!

    (I did know about the Applebee's thing--looking forward to that!!)

  2. Are you KIDDING me?!!! WAY COOL!!! God's ways are definitely not our ways. Gotta see the new pics of Lori!

  3. I enjoyed talking with you last night about the way God graciously responds to faith. I'm sure I have a lot to learn about that in my own life, and it really encourages me to see the way the Lord is working in yours.

    Make sure you let me know when the date's set for the breakfast, too. What a deal--I get to eat and support you at the same time!