Sunday, May 23, 2010

Provision beyond measure

As we approach the next few weeks knowing that there are adoption invoices that have to be paid and knowing the money is not yet available - we are praying for God's provision.  Today, our pastor, William Marshall, preached on Malachi chapter 3.  He talked of the theology of knowing the God we serve and His mighty and sovereign means of providing all that we need.  However, in the great scheme of His providence, even as we pray for provision in the here and now - with all of our earthly, fleshly wants and desires driving our thoughts - that God, in His infinite wisdom -has already provided for us through the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His grace is sufficient for all our needs.  Why do we cry out for pennies and bread today when riches and glory are to be had in eternity?  Once again, thank You, Lord, for Your mercies - Your love for us endures forever.


  1. Still praying over here that the Lord provides what you need over the next couple of weeks!!

  2. Ohhh WOW we really are on the same page!! I'm thrilled to pray for you as you pray for our family. I love your blog and Lori is just precious. What a beautiful family you are!!!!!!! God will provide!!!