Thursday, January 28, 2010


Welcome to the new blog for the Lancaster Family.  Some of you may have followed our 2009 adventures through our blog at  If so, you can now read all about our journeys here.  If you are new to our musings - we're glad you stopped by. 

January has brought lots of "new" for our family.  Some answers, some questions, and always lots of interesting tidbits.   We continue to work on our book - Family Worship Guide: A Fun Year of Family Devotionals - and hope to that ready by Summer. (Be on the lookout - we may ask you to be one of our Test Families!!)

We also found "Lori".  Lori is a little girl living in China who  is deaf or hearing impaired to be PC.   We received an email saying she was going to be available for adoption and
 we just felt like maybe, just maybe,  we could be the family for her.
 So, we have sent in our initial application, talked to the agency, and are working on our paperwork to be her Forever Family.  Like I've told some of you already, our very good friends - the Tylers - are pros at adoption - and having watched them go through this process twice in the last few years - we know there are so, so, so many things that have to happen before we could ever consider her "ours" - but, nevertheless, it's been exciting to start the ball rollin'.  Above all, we are hopeful that Lori will find the perfect family through all this - whether it's us or someone else.  God knows the plans He has for her - to give her a hope and a future. 

Hope you enjoy the new blog!  Stay connected for updates on all that going on around the Lancaster House.


  1. Camille: This is so exciting and Lori is adorable!! Keep us posted on the progress and we'll be lifting her up in prayer!


  2. You mean to tell me that 5 kids aren't enough for you guys? haha I had no idea that you were planning to adopt. I think that is wonderful!