Saturday, January 30, 2010

Webkinz & Ceiling Fans

This afternoon after the sledding extravaganza...Camille noticed it was too quiet in the boys the door was closed.  Upon checking the door, she found it to be locked...which is a no-no at our house, and made her level of suspicion even higher.  After she got the kids to open the door, she got to see an interesting site.  Standing in the middle of the room was our seven year old
daughter, Chloe, pointing and issuing directions to the twins who were on the top bunk of their bunk beds.  Up on the top bunk was our youngest, Jax, placing three webkinz (which are small stuffed animals) on each of the four fan blades of their ceiling fan which was reachable from the top bunk (where they rarely visit because they sleep on the bottom bunk together).  After carefully loading the fan with stuffed animals, one of them would trigger the ceiling fan's switch sending the fan blades swirling, followed by seeing the animals fly in a million directions around the room, and ending with an explosion of laughter of our three youngest balls of joy!  What ingenuity!  What imagination!  On one hand, it was hilarous...but due to the obvious concerns, we unfortunately had to put a stop to their great time. 

While we didn't have a camera with us at the time...we did go back and recreate the scene, so you could all enjoy it too.

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