Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day #2

We hung on to the snow another day.  After church, Chloe and I were able to work on a snowman...or snow person?  The snow was mainly of the powder-type and not very sticky, so we had trouble making a snow man of grander size.  So we opted for a Chloe-size snowgirl.  It ended up perfect as you can see in the picture.  Chloe then tried to make a snowdog for her snowgirl, but had some trouble.

Yesterday, we had lots of fun sledding, but after pushing the kids down the hill so many times, I can barely move!  It's time to run to Walgreens for some Advil and IcyHot!

Finally, while we have this beautiful snow, let all of us who have placed our faith in Christ remember that God has forgiven us of our sins and washed us white as snow...Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Awesome snow person, Chloe!

    I remember vividly the first snowfall after my conversion 35 years ago. With snow still falling, I took a walk late in the evening, praying and crying and thanking God as I walked that although my sins had been scarlet red, God had washed me white as snow! (Isa. 1:18) I'm still amazed.