Saturday, January 30, 2010

CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan

We were introduced to the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan just recently.  Camille and I read it together.  I finished it last weekend while spending the weekend at the cabin at our family's wooded farm that's just east of Blodgett.  I cannot speak too highly of this book!  It has truly been LIFE CHANGING for me!  I recommend you get it tomorrow and start reading slowly with an open and honest heart.  Truth be known, most of us don't love God like we should.  We serve out of obligation,
and He truly isn't the most important thing in our life.  For me, I started by asking for forgiveness for this sad fact.  And I have repeatedly prayed for God to help me to want desire Him...and to fall madly in love with Him.  I am nothing without Him...and with Him...I have to strive to make myself nothing, so that all glory can be His.  The clip above is just an introduction for the book.  In addition to the book itself, the website has some great chapter videos.  You can reach the Crazy Love website at the following link:

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