Monday, February 14, 2011


(From Jay)

When we started this journey of adopting Lori, we knew it was something God wanted us to do, but despite knowing that, it was very easy (for me, not Camille) to fall into doubt.  There were constant reminders of the excessive costs and the fact that we already have five kids.  But in our heart, we still knew it was what God wanted us to do.  So even if it was stupid and crazy, God helped us to press on...and it simply became a matter of being obedient. 

I knew that if this was God's desire for us, then He would open the doors and provide everything we needed.  I knew that...but yet I admit I doubted at times...or at least wondered how He would do it. 

It has been truly amazing to watch this unfold.  From the start, doors were opened that we couldn't open by ourselves.  From meeting this or that requirement, to how much money we made, to providing every provision we needed while
submitting paperwork....over and over, God's hand was on this adoption.  I think back on so many details that worked out, sometimes at the last minute.

These last few days have been no exception.  Our entry visas that we didn't have, came in this past Friday.  All of our paperwork should be in order, and we are finalizing trip details today.  The last big obstacle we faced was costs.  On Thursday, we were short about $3,600.  On Saturday, that amount decreased to $1,400.  By yesterday afternoon, the amount was $1,000. 

Last night, some old friends of ours came over that we haven't seen in months.  Not only have we not seen them in months, but they don't read our blog or weren't up to speed with where we were with the adoption at all.  We had a wonderful visit!  We have missed them so much!  We talked and played games, and of course we had to have an installment of the Lancaster "wrestle challenge" in the living room with our boys and their kids.  But then out of nowhere, they said that God had laid something on their heart this past Saturday.  And they handed us a check for $1,000...and both last night, and even now as I type this the following morning...I am simply overwhelmed!  Tears were/are in my eyes, and I can't seem to utter a word.  I'm just overwhelmed.  Wow!  Glory to God!

I looked at them last night, and I said, "do you have any idea what this is?", to which they just smiled and said 'tell us'.  I said that "this is the last piece of the puzzle....this is God saying 'See, I did it, I told you I would do it'".  I came over and hugged my friends and we just had a moment praising God together.  They were just being obedient, and God used them.  We all gave God the glory and just soaked up the moment.

So I write this now to just say, "God did it!"  We now have the last of the money we need to finalize the trip, which providentially must be finalized today.  He did it!  Why do I doubt!

I looked over at Camille last night, and she simply said that she never doubted.  I knew God would do it, but I must admit in these final hours I was beginning to let worry creep in and get nervous.

But now, I can take time this week to focus on the last minute details, and walk around this week and the rest of my life knowing what God did.  I cannot allow myself to doubt His power and His love.  And what a blessing to let Lori know this story one day.  What confirmation it is that she is meant to be our child!

So please praise God with us, and please pray for us as we make final preparations for the trip.

Praise the Lord!


  1. Praise the Lord, Jay. Now I really wish I'd been able to talk to you last night. Even though I didn't get to rejoice with you then, I am now!

  2. So awesome! William and I rejoice with you! God is so good to His children.