Sunday, February 27, 2011

China Update #8 - Saturday Night & Sunday Morning in Guangzhou

(From Jay)

Last night (Saturday), we had the pleasure of joining two of the other Holt families out for dinner at a chinese restaurant down the block. It was a little different than what I'm used to...when you walked in, you walked past several aquarium tanks filled with different kinds of fish, crabs, shrimp, and other peculiar things.

But these weren't for looking at...these were critters that you pointed at, they netted them out, and it was dinner...head, tail, you name it! We planned ahead and had one of the Holt employees write down in chinese what we was boring stuff like Chicken and Broccoli and Fried we handed that to our waitress, and we got a fairly good supper. Plus we got to enjoy it with a couple other families both adopting special needs children from China. We stayed a long time and laughed a lot, caused mostly by one of the families new 6 year old that kept yelling out the chinese equivalent for 'beer' and laughing and totally embarrassing her new mama.

Camille got to catch a sweet moment of holding little Lori while she slept. It was a blessing.

The other image here was just to show our place setting at the restaurant. Rather than multiple forks, we got multiple color coded chopsticks...interesting!

Sunday Morning

This morning we had the opportunity to attend a church near our hotel. We were so encouraged to see the large number of believers gathered...mostly Chinese...very few of the visiting Americans attended, unfortunately. It was overwhelming hearing a packed room of believers singing praises in a language we couldn't understand...and our thoughts movied to a day when we will all praise God together. They had a bilingual Mandarin-English service, and it was such a blessing. Please pray for these believers!

Later today, our group of four Holt families will get out into Guangzhou to look around. Tomorrow we head back to the clinic to review some of the lab tests from Saturday. Please continue to pray for us here...Guangzhou is beautiful, but we are missing our little ones, and missing our home and our bed. Please continue to pray for the little guys at home...and pray for Lori's transition. She LOVES Maddie & Annie, but doesn't care for me or Camille...especially me...I'm trying not to let it bother me...but I confess that it does.

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  1. awwww.... don't worry another week or two she will know the sun rises and sets with you both! I can totally relate to how you must be feeling. My thoughts and prayers have been with you all and will continue!