Tuesday, February 22, 2011

China Update #1

Hello to all back home!

We have very sketchy internet connections here and cannot access our blog.  So, we will do our best to update you through email and then you can pass it on.  I know how exciting it was to read the Oberhauser's story as they were in Ukraine - so I know everyone is wondering what is going on with us in China!

Our hotel is very nice and everyone has been so friendly and helpful.  We met our guide last night when we arrived and then today he took us for a cram-packed day of sightseeing.  We started with a nice breakfast at our hotel - a la carte style like many hotel breakfasts in the US - waffles, eggs, yogurt, pasty, things I've never heard of, etc.  Then we headed to the Great Wall.  It was truly fascinating and amazing.  But, to be honest, after a while - it was just more stairs - so Annie and I stopped and talked while Jay and Madison went on up to a watchtower.  They took some awesome video - so hopefully we can get that loaded up.  After that - we went back into  Beijing and toured a Jade factory and ate at a little restaurant.  Our guide ordered all our food and we aren't exactly sure what all we ate - but it was extremely tasty.  We also stopped at a small city-style Grocery store and picked up some bottled water.  We must use the bottled water to wash our face and brush our teeth as well as for drinking.  So, it is a vital commodity.  Even the locals drink bottled water and don't drink from the tap unless boiling it first.  After lunch - we headed to the Forbidden City.  I really don't have words to describe - it was HUGE!  and beyond fascinating.  However, before we got to see everything - we were all completely exhausted and asked our guide to take us on back to the hotel.  We thought it must be late in the day and time for bed - but it was only 2:45 in the afternoon!  That's equal to midnight in the states so our bodies are completely mixed up right now.  We came home and all fell right asleep - but now it is 2:00 in the morning and we are all wide awake!!  Not sure this is a good thing!  We are a little bored - when we don't have our guide with us we are a little unsure of ourselves out in public - so we have tended to stay around the hotel at night.  I'm sure we will get a little more adventurous in the next few days.

The funny thing is that a few people have stopped to take pictures of the "Americans".  One lady came up and hugged me and had her husband take our picture.  So, if I show up on some random blog or youtube video - you will know what happened.

We have also ran into some other adopting families here to pick up their children.  It is blatantly obvious.  2 caucasian parents and one little Asain baby.  It actually seems to stick out more here than when we see the same scenario in the US.  I guess we will join the ranks tomorrow (or should I say today).  We have to attend Orientation at 9:30 am (7.5 hours from now) and then get Lori around 12 noon.  We will spend the entire afternoon at her orphanage - which is about a 45 minute ride from our hotel.  We are awash with emotions!!!!!!!!!

We called home today and the little kids are doing great with their grandparents.  Thank you, Lord - this was a little nervewracking leaving behind our littles.

That's all for now - there has been lots of down time and lots of tv watching - which is really pointless since most the channels are in Chinese.  We think that once we get Lori tomorrow - she will liven things up a bit.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.  Keep them coming!

Love to all - Camille 


  1. Please Note:

    Jay and Camille will be unable to reply to comments on Facebook or the blog until they return. Please freely comment anyway. They'll enjoy catching up with you when they return!

  2. Lunch with friends today and on my way home, you guys popped into my head. Was wondering how today was going and here you are on my computer updating us. Please keep us posted, this is such an exciting time.

  3. We've been thinking about you and are excited to hear your updates! Can't wait to hear more!