Thursday, November 18, 2010

December 4 - We made the list!

Just a minute ago - I checked my email to find a new Facebook post linked to me.  I opened it to find a sweet family who lives near us telling a bit about their Christmas traditions of Advent.  As they are in the throws of an international adoption adding another blessing to their brood of 4 - they are replacing traditional Advent goodies in their Advent calendar with names of families to pray for each day of December who have recently adopted, are currently adopting, or who are waiting for a child.  Great idea - loved it so I kept reading.  The mom went on to tell a bit about their idea and then posted a list of which families they will be praying for on specific days.  I felt a catch in my throat as I saw our name on Dec 4.  Wow!  We made the list.  Of all the lists I am humbled to have my name upon - this is it.  We are listed right there with some of the most amazing people in the adoption world!!  And I mean that with every breath of my being.  I am truly amazed to think that on December 4, 2010 - this sweet family will be lifting our family, Lori, and this adoption up to the heavens interceding for us at the Throne of the Almighty.  Whew - that's almost too much to comprehend.  All I can say is thank you - Dear Sweet Underwood Family!  May you be blessed this Christmas season. 

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  1. What a sweet post! It is our honor to be praying for you family and we can't wait to follow your journey as you bring Lori home!