Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Review: I Lift Up My Soul - Charles Stanley

A few weeks ago - I posted about my new discovery - Book Sneeze.  You can sign up and agree to blog about Book Reviews in exchange for free books.  I LOVE 2 READ so I couldn't pass this one up.  My first book was I Lift Up My Soul by Charles F. Stanley and I was expecting his great words of wisdom to flow forth off the pages like springs of gushing waters. Instead, day after day of reading the short devotionals - I was left dry and thirsty. Yes, he uses Scripture. Yes, his points are relevant. Yes, his words are true. However, the devotionals are very short, simple points that left me wanting more. I felt more like someone handing me sugary candy when what I really needed was soul-nourishing protein. To be fair - I think this book would be a good start for a young Christain who is wanting to get started with a daily Bible reading - but I doubt that it would satisfy the soul of a seasoned Bible reader or someone who is truly wanting to study the Scriptures. I am sorry that I couldn't say more on the positive side - but I don't feel like this book even holds a candle to other devotional books on the market.  So - there's my 2 cents.  Can't wait to see which book I get next.  Want to try Book Sneeze for yourself - there's a link on the Right Side bar of this blog.....

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