Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Today

I have *surprisingly* had 2 people in the same day ask me about my blog and tell me they read it.  It is so great to know that someone actually reads our blog!  How exciting.  Sorry to my 2 readers that I haven't written anything lately - I guess I didn't have much to share.  Everything with the adoption is going smoothly and we are waiting for official traveling/immigration papers.  We should get Lori sometime in January.

As for life at the Lancaster house, we've been busy selling sheets.  Thanks to friends and family helping spread the word - almost 200 sets of sheets have been sold so far.  Yay!!

That's about it - go have some hot choco or Chai and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are also following your blog. We are in the process of adopting Josiah from Harmony House and we have pictures of Lori that I'm sure you would like to see. I looked on you blog for your email, but it is not listed. My email is if you want to email me and I will send you some more pictures of Lori, although they will almost all have Josiah in them as well ;). My family has prayed for Lori for the last 6 months and she has a special place in our hearts. Feel free to visit our blog

    In His Service,

    Brian Beauchamp