Saturday, December 10, 2011

For the Glory of the King

My oh my - it's already Christmas time!  This year has surely flown by. 

Many of you know we are back at our "home" church - and were so blessed to make it back in time for our kiddos to help in the Christmas Play.  Chloe was an angel, Sam was a Sheep, and Jax was a Camel.  Annie was Jr. Director and Maddie ran the lights.  The play went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time.  Afterwards, one mom came up to me and said that when Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Sam went up to the manger - she leaned over and asked her husband what kind of animal Sam was.  The husband replied that he thought he might be a Panda.  (hilarious!)  To which I replied - since "Joseph" was from Vietnam - maybe so!  Leave it to our crew to inspire an Asian Nativity right here in the Heartland.

As for the rest of the Month - we've been completely blown away again this year with Sheet sales through Lori's Linens.  I want to be careful to give thanks to God for blessing our little business - because it certainly is not due to our superb salesmanship.  It's a wonderful opportunity to be able to tell our adoption story over and over and to play a small role in helping other families bring their little ones home. By the end of December - we'll be close to the hitting the mark for 900 sets sold!

Thanks to all our friends and family for all your support this year.  It's been a CrAzY year (and that's putting it mildly :-)

Merry Christmas!

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