Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's been a weird week packed with lots of emotion.  Every once in a while weeks like this come along and help refine us and force us to truly decide where we stand on certain issues.  Even though in America, we do not face persecution as believers do in other countries - we do face opposition to our beliefs.  The opposition we've faced recently has been good.  It has made us own up to our decisions, back them up with Scripture, pray for Grace and gracious words, and to love on people despite the differences.  All that said - I'll be honest in saying that we have felt a little beat up.  As many of you know - especially if you've ever ridden in a car with Jay - music is very therapeutic for this family.  This week we have focused on 2 songs that we wanted to share with you.

This one puts a smile back on our face and we've decided this is our family's new Theme Song!

This one humbly reminds us that His grace is greater than all our sin.  Hallelujah!  We stand in awe of a Mighty God.

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  1. Awesome! Music's very important 2 our household 2. THANKS 4 the song...I needed it! =) So enjoy knowing ur precious family & love being in Wed night Fam class. Love all the fams in our class!