Friday, September 17, 2010

I must confess

This is a tough blog post to write.....but necessary.  I have something to confess and it's best done out in the open - this helps hold me accountable.  We announced the Gold Parties several weeks ago and our plan to use 50% of the profits towards the Adotion Fund.  Well, thanks to everyone's generosity and willingness to host parties in August - we were able to put close to $1500 in Lori's Adoption Fund.   I wish we could say that the Adoption Fund is the only place we need to be putting money these days - but with braces, food, housing, clothing, bills, student loans, and an array of bad decisions in the past which has left us with some debt to pay for - we always seem to have more "month than money".  So - we decided that the Gold Party money in Sept would not go to the Adoption Fund - but would instead help pay down some debt.  Although that still sounds like an acceptable way to use our income - it apparently wasn't in line with God's plan.  Because, you see, in August - with very little effort on our part - we were blessed with 12 parties.  People were calling us out of the blue to schedule one.  We thought this was going to be a piece of cake.  Sept came and even with tons of phone calls, emails, prodding, begging - you get the picture - we've only got 6 parties on the book.  So - we feel like God  has told us that it's ok if we don't want to give any money this month to the adoption fund - but that means we will have only half as many parties.  Do the math - last month we had 12 parties - and 1/2 of the income went to the adoption fund and 1/2 went to our family.  This month, we thought we'd be "smart" and use all the income for the family - and yet we still only made 1/2 of what we made in August.  So - back to Plan A.  From now on - until such a time as God leads us otherwise - 50% of the profits from the Gold Parties will go to the Adoption Fund.  So......wanna have a Party????

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