Monday, September 27, 2010

Gifts of Gold Campaign

Hi Bloggy Readers -

Many of you know that we do Gold Parties and have been tremendously blessed by the income they have produced.  Our sweet Baby Lori has a birthday in October - we can't be there to celebrate with her  - but we can certainly celebrate from afar!  That's why we are sponsoring the Gifts of Gold campaign in October.  We have designed a super easy fundraiser to help raise funds for adopting families and those who want to help with the financial process of adoption.  By asking friends and family to donate their old and unwanted Gold and Silver - adopting families everywhere can reap the benefits of the generosity of others.  To learn more about the Gifts of Gold fundraisers - simply leave a comment and we will gladly contact you with all the info. 

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  1. Oh, wow! That is awesome. I will see if I have anybody wanting to dump some old jewelry instead of selling it now.