Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full Swing

The Home Study is in full swing.  We've been seen by our doctors, fingerprinted, tested for HIV, TB, etc.  Thank you, Lord, for our healthy bodies.  Jay talked to our wonderful Judy at Holt yesterday and she seems very positive about our application and ability to see this through with Lori.  Upon recommendation by the Oberhauser's who are adopting from the Ukraine right now - we began reading Adopted for Life by Russell D. Moore this week.  Truly insightful - to think of each of us as being picked up out of the muck of our own dirty, hopeless lives as orphans and placed in the family of God Himself.  We don't just know Him - but are counted as His sons and daughters, with full rights of kinship, and able to call the Christ "brother".  More on this later......I'm only on chapter 2! 

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