Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Beginning of the Story

One of my concerns with the adoption of Lori is that as we tell the birth stories of our biological children - how will we ever fill in the unknown events surrounding the beginning of her life.  Well, God knew my heart because I received an amazing phone call today.  A lady from California who has previously adopted from the Foster Home where Lori is - was given my name from the founder of the Home.  One year ago, she and her husband had chosen Lori and were seeking to adopt her.  Through a series of events - when their paperwork became ready, Lori's papers were not completed, so they ended up adding another precious little girl to their family instead.  However, in April of 2009 - when Lori was about 6 months old - this couple made a trip to the Foster Home and because their hearts had been set on Lori - they took tons of pictures, decorated her crib, provided her with beautiful outfits and wonderful toys, and even videotaped the story of how she came to the Home told by one of the ladies who found her and cared for her as a newborn babe.  So, you see, there are no more holes in Lori's story.  Thanks to the sovereign timing of the God we serve, He orchestrated Lori's story and made sure we knew about it so we could share it with her.  Thank you, God, for Your gracious provision in all ways.


  1. That is AMAZING!!! What a precious gift!

  2. That is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is a great, thanks for sharing. We will be praying.

  4. well just going to have to come up with a plan and pray for Gods blessing to get it done. dad

  5. Me again...

    I read a blog post that made me think of you. Basically it's a mom's letter to her children explaining why they're using their college funds to adopt more children. A beautiful post on a parent's desire for their children's holiness...thought you might be encouraged.