Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sleepy and Cranky at VBS

This week is VBS at our church...and Camille and I are both active in different stations...Camille in crafts and me outside doing recreation...tonight, Matt was gone for work, and right before the first group came to us, Maddie brought me Lori.  She was cranky and sleepy and mad, and Camille told Maddie to bring her to me...So she stayed by me, crying and screaming, while I talked with the first group...we muddled through it with the help of Miss Sherrie who took Lori to the kitchen for a snack.  While the kids from the first group were still playing, I caught up with Lori and Miss Sherrie in the kitchen and carried Lori outside, where we sat down to watch the kids play.  I held her close and rocked while sitting in the grass, as she threw a little fit.  After a few minutes of rocking, though, she got still and quiet...she was OUT!

We knew she was tired.  And I got her asleep...but now what???...we have another group of kids coming soon...I couldn't take her to some room in the church...if she woke up by herself in a strange room, she would freak I asked someone closeby to grab a crib mattress I saw in a spare sunday school classroom.

I was able to move her to the mattress,  as it laid in the grass close to our games...and she slept there outside with me all night until VBS was over.  One nice thing about having a child with hearing loss is that the kids can be playing loudly all around her, and she can sleep perfectly.

It was funny to watch the kids and adults walk outside for our recreation station to see a 2 year old asleep outside on the crib mattress sitting on the grass.  I guess its something you just don't see everyday!

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