Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just another day

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We've just been chillin out and getting used to life in our new normal.  Everyone is ready for warm weather and for school to be out!  We spent last night in the basement waiting out the Tornado warnings watching Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.   Good Family Fun!

We are trying to figure out just where God wants us.  We still feel the desire to pursue our calling to Family Ministry and are discussing how this "looks".  As many of you know, we had hoped to be part of a Family Ministry church plant - but just didn't have the support that was needed from other families.  We were advised to not move forward alone - but to wait for at least 3 good, solid leader-type families to come along beside us and help.  It seems that something is rumbling in the distance - we shall see.......In the meantime, we have been blessed to worship with a great group of believers.  We have also been blessed by being invited recently to attend a great, little Family-style class on Wednesday nights about using your family for ministry.  It's good to see others leaning in that direction and using their home as a place for ministry and evangelism.   Jay is also seriously missing the drums.  He is so talented in this area and it is truly one of his gifts.  I long for him to find an outlet for this talent.  The days of Soulfire are sorely missed.  To get my music fix, I rocked out to some Na Band on the treadmill last night - highly recommend their CD.  If anyone watching me wanders why I was moving my hands so wildly - I was playing the "air" drums.

On a different note, my extended family is going through some dark times and needs serious prayers that they will not lose faith in God's soverign plan.  Thanks

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