Friday, July 9, 2010

Gold Parties & Fundraising: A Great Combination!

We have joined forces with a great  Jeweler from Arkansas and are helping set up Gold Parties in an effort to add to our Adoption Fund.  With Gold and Silver at record highs, it is a great time for jewelers to pay for old and unused gold and silver items. And rather than customers coming to them, the jeweler and their representatives now go to the people.  We are trying to schedule Gold Parties from now until the end of the year - these parties are great because your guests don't BUY anthing - they actually leave with MONEY!  You simply ask the friends and family you invite to bring their old or unused gold and sterling silver (platinum, too) jewelry, flatware, coins, etc. and we will buy it.  Then the Jeweler we are working with can melt it down and reuse it or sell it to other jewelers who need it.

For everyone that schedules a gold party with us from now until the end of August *(this is a change from the original plan), the host will earn 10% of the total amount purchased by the jeweler AND a matching 10% will go the the Lancaster Adoption Fund.  And we are not limiting ourselves to Sikeston.  We would love to have parties hosted all throughout Southeast Missouri including Dexter, New Madrid, Charleston and Cape Girardeau.  We also hope to branch into Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky.

You can also Host a Fundraiser party of your own and let the 10% normally earned by the hostess go toward your adoption, your youth group, or your charitable organization.  What a great, fun way to raise funds for something that you're passionate about.

We are excited about this opportunity, and hope you will join in our fun and help us raise funds for Lori at the same time!

For questions or to schedule a party, call Camille at 573-380-5557 or Jay at 573-380-7641.  Or you can email us at

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