Monday, April 26, 2010

Encouragement and Disappointment

My heart is full of emotions this morning as I write.  I hope my words on this page can make sense - writing through your emotion is usually a dangerous thing.  This weekend we attended our mandatory parenting class for the adoption.  We laughed and thought how could we learn anything about parenting - boy, were we wrong!  We learned so much and had a great time with the other families.  It was amazing to see how adoption plays out in everyone's life.  Some have thought about it for years and suddenly decided to take the plunge, some felt like it was the last straw after years of infertility, some felt drawn to certain countries due to their family heritage, some felt drawn to a child they had seen on a website or waiting child list......Whatever the case - the common bond of adoption links all these families together and the words we shared were all so encouraging. 
After the class, I was retelling our story to someone who was talking about it, who isn't a big fan of adoption.  Their comments were heartless and discouraging - a shock to my system after such an uplifting weekend.  As I recounted the day we received an email on the little girl we were sponsoring through an orhpanage program ( you know - there are many programs out there like Compassion Int'l, World Vision, etc) telling us she was being adopted out and did we want her since we were her sponsors - I said, "How could we say 'no'?"  The lady responded that she would have said 'no' and just said she'd keep sending the monthly money.  What?  Was she for real?  Sadly, I have no doubts that she wasn't kidding. 
The statistics on orphans our there are staggering - mind blowing!!  If we proclaim Christ - then we must do something.  I know that many send their money and this is a good thing - maybe that's the best you can do and more should at least do that! - but when faced with such a pointed question as "Do you want her?" - Jay and I firmly believe we must say "YES"!  There is no amount of money that can replace the type of tangible love God has designed human parents to give to a child.  Our money may pay for her food and shelter - but our home can provide her with love, the gospel, a place to cry, a place to learn, a place to grow, a place to be a part of a family.  Why would we so purposefully rob her of all that when asked "Do you want her?"
I hope that our story can spark others into saying "Yes"!  We have so many reasons we  shouldn't be adoptiong (according to comfortable middle-class standards).  We already have 5 children, our house isn't big enough, we don't make enough money, we aready have so many things we can't afford, adoption is so expensive, who will watch the kids so we can go to China for 2 weeks, etc, etc, etc.  We've heard and thought through all the arguments.  But, the bottom line is - will we say "Yes" - will you say "Yes"?

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  1. i loved this. whatever people around you say, you are being faithful to James' call in 1:27 to care for the orphan in "her" distress (Lori!!). the Lord is faithful and will equip you for what He has called you to do. i SO look forward to meeting the result of your obedience and God's great grace.

  2. From the sound of it, it's apparent that some people don't have extra love or time or commitment to give to an orphan. While I believe we are all called to help, we are called in different ways. There is SOMETHING we should all do. Sadly some don't consider helping at all. God speaks our personal story to us. We should all be jumping at the chance to love on the unloved simply because HE LOVES US! Most people don't take time to listen to God. If they did, they'd hear Him telling them to help. Praying she will see God's movement in your life and seek Him.

  3. Oh, Camille...I'm so sorry that this person rained on ur parade. =( The world is filled with selfish people. In our culture we've been raised 2 believe anything more than 2 kids is abnormal; success should b measured by the size of ur house & the cars in ur garage; and u should look like a model in the popular magazines, actors in Hollywood, and if it feels good then go 4 it. It's sad that this has also crept into the church. Most people don't even recognize it.

    I read the post on KFVS's facebook page last night about the piece they did on kids leaving their faith. I was amazed by some of the comments...I guess I shouldn't have been. People don't value children and family like they should because our culture has done a 'slow fade' away from God.

    I am so thankful that u guys r going 2 enlarge ur family! I mean, after all...u only have 5 children. The Duggars have way more than we do...we have a lot of catching up 2 do! lol Ur house is huge...some people live in houses where they sleep 10 to one room...if they have a house. We can buy bunk beds! :-) My dad used 2 sleep 3 kids 2 a bed because there were 9 of them...they all turned out great; successful & love the Lord. He has a duplex in Charleston that he rented out 2 the Chinese family who opened the Chinese restaurant here several years ago. They had 10 people in the small 2 bedroom apartment. They saved money for a few years, then bought them a house of their own. Our culture has it all backwards...debt is drowning our family lives! Me, me, me generation. I am so thankful that u r being obedient 2 the Lord! U r SOOO blessed! Can't wait to meet the new addition/blessing!