Friday, March 12, 2010

Open Windows

Ok - so we thought we had run into another snag.  Last Sunday - two wonderful ladies from DFS came to talk to our church about State adoption and the desperate need for loving families.  They are making a plea to the faith community - and rightly so!  We should be the ones stepping up to take these children.  Well, they briefly talked about the Home Study process.  They mentioned what they look for - fire alarms, fire extinguishers, windows that open, general home safety - wait, go that open - Yikes!  Our windows are 50 years old and have been painted shut for decades!!  We talked to our social worker and confirmed this little detail and called to get a quote for replacement windows - $3100 - no way!  So, my dear hubby put the pedal to the metal last night and with a little elbow grease, a crowbar, and a hammer - the windows OPEN!!    To Jay - Von al Don al!!


  1. Babe, you're awesome! Jay

  2. Wow! That's exactly what you needed... and now your windows open! God is Good!!!